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Friday, January 16, 2015

eeewwwooooh I have all the parts for the forge i just need to clean out the place for it.
on the topic of forges and smithing I hate when you go looking through people who make swords/knives and they are making it by just taking a strip of metal hitting it with a hammer and sharpening it not even taking the galvanization off or heating it and saying yeah survival knife, or they take some metal and they do everything semi ok then they just drop it in cold water and are like yeah sword or you get the ones that know just enough to make a sword properly like the right technique but they don't heat it long enough or something  or the use some odd thing and are trying to make a legitimate sword which is fine but if you want it to be usable then it needs to be done right (so my first ones will just be decoration) there was this one guy i saw and he took square tube and heated it then bent the tube to make a handle by twisting the folded ends till he had something of a double helix handle then hammered the ends together to make the blade but at least he heat treated it correctly

Have a good day. come back for more stuff in the future and maybe more rants about people.

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