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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forging time

I got an anvil now.
My forge is set up and I started it for the first time.
Go here to my YouTube donation link and donate so I can buy fuel, tools, metal, and other forge parts.

Weekend Adventures

Over the weekend I went to my friends cabin with them we messed around on dirt roads with a dirt bike and a home built three wheeler then we went back to the cabin and I took the dirt bike over a jump and the rusty rear suspension bolt snapped you can see the fix for this in the pictures. Videos of what we did are on my YouTube. The next day we went to Mount Rainier national forest. And in the cabin we found some really expired food so we left it out side for the animals but they wouldnt even touch it.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Instructables Contest

I have entered another contest on Instructables even if you don't come to this blog regularly you should still go vote its pretty cool and if you don't use the site you should they have many awesome things on it.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

I am out of ideas on what to do or make for videos suggest something here or on my Facebook or YouTube.
For a collection of all posts visit Divisible_By_0.
Thanks for you input.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wandering the city at 2am

I was at my friends house again over memorial day weekend and i was following his goats out into the swamp when I kicked something metal. Not as nice as buried money but I found what looks like an old truck frame from between the 50s and 60s.

Then later that day we were bored had nothing to do so we wandered around the city at around 1am and started following the train tracks north till we saw this trail that leads off into the forest so we started following that, It's about as black as Ink with no light so that would be the perfect time for my flashlight to die right after it died a homeless man comes out of nowhere and starts yelling thinking we are robbing him right as that happens a train passes (we are about 5 meters away from the tracks now) and we cant hear anything and he is yelling and comes up to my friend he has not seen me yet not knowing what is happening I stick to the shadows waiting to help my friend if he is attacked by this guy but i see them shake hands and start to laugh it off so i approach and the train passes we tell him why we were there and he said he had just come back from the bar as the train passed and had been robbed the week before. After that encounter we kept moving out of the forest into a large clearing about 5 acres big I kept looking back to see if him or some other homeless person was following us our eyes had adjusted now to see without our lights we headed south now till we ran into a small pond or something coming off the river by us we head east along that trail till we came to an opening and ran the gauntlet from there to the road its about 2am now we are just walking through a neighborhood you know not looking suspicious to criminal activity at all but the few people out in their yards at this time didn't say anything so its fine we walked along the roads there till we found the train tracks again then walked north on them more till we got to where we started and went back to Tovarischk's house and got money then walked to the store and got milk shakes 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Went crawling through a swamp yesterday. Came across some old stairs and cleared the black berries from them to see where they went, they just came up in someones yard. My friend (in the pictures) was messing around and accidentally pushed me in the river that water is cold.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I entered a ring making contest on Instructables
You guys should go vote on it here:

Friday, January 16, 2015

eeewwwooooh I have all the parts for the forge i just need to clean out the place for it.
on the topic of forges and smithing I hate when you go looking through people who make swords/knives and they are making it by just taking a strip of metal hitting it with a hammer and sharpening it not even taking the galvanization off or heating it and saying yeah survival knife, or they take some metal and they do everything semi ok then they just drop it in cold water and are like yeah sword or you get the ones that know just enough to make a sword properly like the right technique but they don't heat it long enough or something  or the use some odd thing and are trying to make a legitimate sword which is fine but if you want it to be usable then it needs to be done right (so my first ones will just be decoration) there was this one guy i saw and he took square tube and heated it then bent the tube to make a handle by twisting the folded ends till he had something of a double helix handle then hammered the ends together to make the blade but at least he heat treated it correctly

Have a good day. come back for more stuff in the future and maybe more rants about people.